Support Structures

In modern manufacturing facilities, production lines need to be flexible and readily adapt to change. Using free-standing support structures within the factory allows the work cell to be disassembled and reinstalled nearly anywhere within the plant. Dobson Technical Drawings can help you design the support structure you need.

Static Load Support Structures

These structures are typically storage racks, shelves or framework. Bulk storage applications where a product is to be stored and remotely decanted to the process would use a static load support structure to store product overhead. The racking used in many shipping departments and storage shelves for large items such as production molds or dies are also static load support structures. We have designed support structures that meet the end user’s needs.

Dynamic Load Support Structures

These support structure have loads that move. Overhead cranes and zero gravity lifters are often mounted to support structures. The structure is positioned over the manufacturing process and allow operators to move product at will within the work cell. Being free-standing allows that manufacturing process to be moved readily when needed.

At Dobson Technical Drawings we work from your sketches, Standard Structural Steel shapes and ASTM A325 hardware to create the support structure you need. The CAD model is broken down into detail drawings for each individual part with all necessary information to manufacture. Drawings of the overall structure are created, ready for the crew to erect. We create the overall package is ready for your P.Eng review and approval.