Other Design Examples

I tend to use the advanced modeling techniques provided by Autodesk® Product Design Suite in my day-to-day work. I work best learning the techniques using real world examples – Sometime textbook or tutorial examples, others from personal projects that I’m working on. These design examples are the work created from those learning experiences

  • Unique geometry requiring special construction techniques
  • Learning environmental reflection settings
  • Comparing known engineering limits to software determined values

I have a long-standing fascination with old machines and steam operated devices specifically. I believe that there is a great deal value in understanding old engineering to bring forward into modern equipment.

One of my pet projects is the steam pump. I am working my through model this textbook exercise when time permits. It is originally a drafting assignment from “Machine Drawings”, a correspondence course textbook by Charles Griffen (c)1914. The textbook has some components completely detailed and others with missing dimensions that the student must complete in their drawings. So far only the steam end of the pump is complete; the pump end remains for the future.

Since the cad files from these projects are mine to share, many of them are found on