Operator Stations

Production operators are required to be in unique positions. Dobson Technical Drawings has a long history of designing operator stations that are user-friendly and ergonomic. We work with your staff to design your operator station positioning the operator where needed – above and below, over and under, or around their work.

Operator stations can be configured to suit your needs. Some of the more common features are:

  • Zero gravity lifters
  • Task lighting
  • Tool storage
  • Component flow racks
  • Overhead tool rails with hand tool balancers
  • Operator adjustable working height
  • Compliance with OSHA or other standards

Work Benches – Computer Stations – Assembly Carts

These operator stations are used when the work is smaller than the operator, or when data logging is required for the operation. Some of the typical features are listed below.

  • Adjustable Working Height
  • Part Specific Fixtures and Load Capacity
  • Overhead Tool Rails with Hand-tool Balancer
  • Footrest Rails
  • Built-in Seating

Portable Staircases – Fixed Operator Platforms

Portable staircases and fixed operator platforms are used when the work or the processing equipment is larger than the operator. Portability is often required to allow the operator access yet move clear of the line when the production line moves. These platform often feature the list below.

  • Ships Ladder Stairs
  • Conventional Stairs
  • Hand-rails
  • Safety Barriers
  • Adjustable operator platform

Operator Lifting Platforms

These operator stations are often used when the operator is required to be under the product they are assembling. They are placed in a pit below assembly line level, allowing the operator to position themselves at the correct height for ease of work. They usually have two different sets of features; one that protects the operator from the lifting mechanisms and a second that protects and equips the operator on the work platform.

  • Hand-rails
  • Safety barriers
  • Bellows Guarding
  • Floating Stairs
  • Tool Rests