Inventor Best Practice – Introduction

In January, Paul Munford at the CAD Setter Out posed the question “What does a good set of drawings look like to you?” . His question and it’s responses have had me thinking…the drawing is only the result of the design process – it’s the bit everyone sees and uses to build the product but isn’t it as important to build good data files? The data files are the roots of the drawing.

  • Flexiblity
  • Accuracy
  • Precision
  • Stability
  • Editable
  • Relays Design Intent
  • Efficiency in Design
  • Completeness

Aren’t these some of the features we should build into our models? I believe so. I’ve started this – Inventor Best Practices – series of posts to put forward some of what I believe is important in CAD work. In general terms, these posts will discuss the idea and form a simple tutorial for how to carry out the idea in Autodesk&#174 Inventor. My intention is that I will add a new post every week or so. There is no formal outline for the series, so things will not necessarily follow any specific flow, or order.

I’d like your help as well. Have I included everything you think is important in creating and documenting a product design? What other features are important in good design? Any time you have something to add or share, please post your comments below or email me your thoughts.