End Effector Designs

We have designed a number of end effector and lifting device attachments. Each is tailored to lift a specific part from a specific location and orientation to another specific location and orientation. They range in complexity from a simple scissor action assembly to complex machines with pneumatic part clamping and orientation changing motions.

The design of each end effector begins by describing the required part motions, and receiving the CAD data for the parts to be moved. The motions are studied and a 3D virtual prototype is created. The design is checked to ensure clearance from obstacles, and that needs of the user are met.

Below are a few samples of our End Effector Designs

While reasonable care and precaution is used during the design phases of all projects, Dobson Technical Drawings recommends that all end effectors and lifting devices be certified by a 3rd party Professional Engineer prior to manufacture and use. Our designs are completed to your specifications, that is you hold design responsibility. Dobson Technical Drawings will not be held responsibly in the event of a failure