Site updates coming soon!

Wow, it been nearly 2 years my last blog entry. What can I say?…The website and blog are something of a sideline for me. Even simple updates and posts take time away from actual work. Paying customers always come first! We have busy here at Dobson Technical Drawings working with clients to design their projects but are finally able to take a bit of time to catch-up on the website and blog.

That said, in the coming weeks we have a number of things planned:

  • Samples from recent projects
  • More of the best practices series
  • Perhaps even a completely new look

Check in often – Updates are coming soon

Original 3D Printer

Ok, I don’t normally post jokes or non-work stuff, but I couldn’t resist re-posting this 3D printer; it seems so appropriate.

Original 3D Printer

My thanks to the original poster. If this is your work, please let me know, I’ll credit accordingly.

Reposting Best Practice Posts.

After a few horribly frustrating issues with our site, it seems to stable again finally. We are beginning to repost the earlier blog entries. They will be re-posted one at time over the next few days allowing for some time between to make sure the site stays stable.