Our CAD Designer

Kevin Dobson, CAD Designer

Hi, my name is Kevin Dobson. I am the owner and CAD designer at Dobson Technical Drawings.

I graduated college in 1995 with a diploma in Mechanical Engineering – Design and Analysis. As a student I learned about static analysis, dynamic analysis, component selection and sizing, and many other topics that contribute to good design.

Since then, my career has been dedicated to manufacturing, in roles ranging from process engineering to facilities management. My responsibilities have ranged from production levels and staff to equipment maintenance and repair by in-house and external contractors. During this time, I really learned the difference between good and bad in design and how it affects product, process and people. I build this knowledge into each design.

Since founding the company in the fall of 2010, my primary goal has been to produce technical drawings and machine designs that are innovative and reliable while providing a personal level of service and timely delivery. I offer our CAD drafting and design services to businesses that want to improve their product offering without increasing overhead costs by providing better technical documentation to their idea or machine design.